Monday, March 15, 2010

Thomson Reuters: OSU researcher among world’s ‘hottest’

Source: Business First Columbus

An Ohio State University cancer researcher has landed on an annual ranking of the most-cited researchers in the world.

Thomson Reuters in the March/April issue of its Science Watch publication named the 12 “hottest” researchers, which it defined as authors whose recent scholarly papers were referenced most often by other researchers last year. On the list with 12 “hot” papers was Dr. Carlo Croce, director of human cancer genetics at Ohio State.

Leading the latest Thomson ranking was biochemist Rudolf Jaenisch from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with 14 “hot” papers. Behind Jaenisch with 13 papers were genetics researchers Mark Daly and David Altshuler from the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard University and materials researcher Andre Geim at the University of Manchester.

For details on the Science Watch researcher ranking, click here.


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