Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sevenlunches.com comes to Columbus


Much like Twitter asks the question: What's happening? SevenLunches attempts to answer the daily question: What's for lunch?

SevenLunches.com is a simple service that allows restaurants to post a single twitter like 140 character daily special. We then aggregate and deliver specials based on location via E-mail or SMS to local diners.

Here is a brief rundown of how our service works:

How does SevenLunches work for restaurants?

A restaurant manager (or marketing person) creates an account with their E-mail address and enters location and other information about their restaurant to create a profile. The restaurant can then start posting daily 140 character specials right away. The restaurant can login every day to post a single special or post as many specials as they want to in advance. Restaurants can also link their twitter account to SevenLunches so when they post a daily special in our system, it automagically tweets it to their followers as well, making social media marketing a much easier proposition since it's very easy to import twitter updates into just about any other social network service. :-)

How does SevenLunches work for diners?

A diner signs up for sevenlunches using their E-mail address and zip code. The diner then will automatically receive one daily E-mail at 11:30 AM with all the daily specials from all the restaurants (that use SevenLunches) within the default distance of 5 miles from their home zip code.

Optionally, diners can change the time of day they receive their daily E-mail, and the distance of the restaurants from their home zip code (between 5-50 miles). Diners can also enter their cell phone number and receive specials via SMS text message.

Diners can signup here: http://www.sevenlunches.com/signup

We are a beta service and are free for both restaurants and diners to use. Test it out and feel free to send me any E-mails with your thoughts, issues or suggestions about our service. We are continuing to add features to the service as we grow and as we hear about the needs of restaurants and diners in the beta. At this time, we only operate in the United States zip code system and may not currently have restaurants in every zip code.


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