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PMI Central Ohio January events

Happy New Year !
Join us for an Exciting 2010 Year

PMI Central Ohio Chapter is Celebrating its 35th Year as a Chapter
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January 2010 Central Ohio PMI Programs Theme: Managing Your Own Career
Project managers MUST become the CEOs of their own careers. In a world that becomes more complex and uncertain with every passing year, it is imperative that project managers take control of their own destinies so that they can survive the unpredictable nature of an ever-changing global.
1/14/10 Evening Chapter Meeting and 1/15/10 PD Workshop Presenter Dr. Jerry Brightman is a global specialist in leadership development and career management. The informative evening presentation will underscore the importance of career planning and management for Project Managers. The one-day PD Workshop is dedicated to self-awareness as it relates to career management, especially in turbulent times.
Date: 01/14/10
Topic :
Becoming the CEO of Your Own Career
Speaker: Jerry Brightman
Location : Villa Milano
Early registration for this event ends at NOON on January 11, 2010.

Date: 01/15/10
Topic : Managing Your Own Career in Turbulent Times
Speaker: Jerry Brightman
Location : Villa Milano
Early registration for this event ends at NOON on January 12, 2010.

Srinivas Koushik is Senior Vice President, Enterprise Chief Technology Officer. In this role, Srini leads the IT Strategy and Planning functions for Nationwide IT.
How PMs get involved in planning and execution of their own career…
A fundamental component of proactively managing your own career begins with understanding your role/expectations, your experiences, your opportunities for career growth and your personal development needs.

Date: 01/20/10
Topic :
Managing PM Careers
Speaker: Srinivas Koushik
Location : DeVry - Alum Creek
Early registration for this event ends at NOON on January 18, 2010.

1/25/10 - 1/29/10: PMP Certification Boot Camp
  •  Week long intensive review session to assist the candidate in preparing for the certification exam.
  •  Provides the required 35 contact hours of project management education required to sit for the exam.
  •  Held at the PMI Central Chapter office Monday – Friday, 8:30 AM – 5:00PM (lunch break at noon).
  •  4th Edition of the PMBOKÒ Guide

    Early registration for this event ends at Midnight on January 18, 2010.

Plan Now to Attend February Events !!!!!
PMOLIG Meeting 02/02/10:
Often management familiar with the waterfall approach to software development does not understand the differences in reporting and executing an agile project. They allow agile practices, but expect waterfall deadlines and progress reports. This "iterfall" approach is confusing and counterproductive to many project managers, taking the focus away from building software and putting it into what seems like irrelevant documenting. Al Cline will share a simple technique for mapping the waterfall approach to agile practices. A simple project work plan, although not typically waterfall, can be done once (even in Excel) and satisfy waterfall managers while clarifying the roles of the agile team. Reporting can be done as and when waterfall managers expect it, and yet not get in the way of agile execution speed.
Date: 02/02/10
Topic : A PMO question - Waterfall or Agile Methodology?:  How to use both for winning project performance
Speaker: TBD
Location : TBD
Early registration for this event ends at NOON on February 1, 2010.

February 2010 Central Ohio PMI Programs Theme: Managing Complexity – The Agile PPM
Organizations are beginning to take an enterprise view of projects and treating them as investments not as expenditures. As organizations mature with respect to managing its projects, attention has turned away from individual projects towards the portfolio of projects. Successful project execution continues to be a critical success factor and the choice of investments in those projects is now an integral part of corporate strategy.
2/11/10 Evening Chapter Meeting and 2/12/10 PD Workshop Presenter Bob Wysocki has over 40 years experience as a project management consultant and trainer, information systems manager, systems and management consultant, author, training developer and provider. He has written 17 books on project management and information systems management.

Date: 02/11/10
Topic : Agile PPM – A Resource Constrained Approach
Speaker: Bob Wysocki
Location : DeVry - Alum Creek
Early registration for this event ends at NOON on February 8, 2010.

Date: 02/12/10
Topic : Managing Complexity in the Face of Uncertainty
Speaker: Bob Wysocki
Location : DeVry - Alum Creek
Early registration for this event ends at NOON on February 9, 2010.
2/24/10 Morning Chapter Meeting Presenter Andy Burns is the President Elect of the South West Ohio Chapter of the Project Management Institute (SWOC PMI). A freelance writer contributing to Information Week, an IT Architect, Program and Project Manager, and a dedicated PMP, Mr. Burns approaches difficult topics with pathos and a wealth of experience. Mr. Burns has addressed the 2009 Global Congress in 2009 and several Chapter meetings in the past with a signature wry sense of humor, tempered by demonstrated dedication to the art and science of project management.

Date: 02/24/10
Topic : Fixing the Broken WBS  
Speaker: Andy Burns
Location : Platform Labs
Early registration for this event ends at NOON on February 22, 2010.

2/27/10 Saturday PD Workshop Presenter Gary Monti has been active in project management and change management since 1979.  In 1984 he established the Center for Managing Change providing management, consulting, educational, and mentoring services on an international basis.  That same year he received his PMP status, being number 14.

Date: 02/27/10
Topic : Decision-Making and Uncertainty: There Be Dragons! How to simultaneously address stakeholders and a no-scope environment
Speaker: Gary Monti
Location : Quick Solutions
Early registration for this event ends at NOON on February 22, 2010.

Look Ahead at Future Events and Opportunities !!!!!
2010 Monthly Program Themes
  •  March Theme – Getting Results
  •  April Theme – Be the Expert
  •  May Theme – Applied Project Management
  •  June Theme – Achieving PM Success
  •  July Theme - Leading The Way
  •  August Theme – Innovation & Leadership
  •  September Theme – Leveraging Technology for Project Success
  •  October Theme - PM Knowledge & Skills
  •  November - Professional Development Day
  •  December Theme – Enthusiasm & Leadership
2010 COC PMOLIG Roundtable Meetings
  •  February 3 – Scrumban Agile Usage in PMOs
  •  April 7 – Portfolio Management and Prioritization
  •  June 2 – How Do PMOs Handle Troubled Projects?
  •  August 4 – How Do PMOs Handle Training Skills Sets?
  •  October 10 – Selling Project Management to Others Outside of PMOs
2010 PMP Certification Boot Camps
  •  April 5 – 9
  •  July 12 – 16
  •  October 4 – 8
PMP Review Seminars
  •  Spring PMP Review Seminar – March 29 – May 31
  •  Fall PMP Review Seminar – September 13 – November 22
Partnership with TechLife Columbus
The PMI Central Ohio Chapter partners with local professional organizations to inform prospective members of the services and benefits provided by the local chapter. These partnerships provide access to additional forums to convey this message to audiences who may not be familiar with the local chapter. In addition, local chapter members, as well as prospective members, are given direct access to professional organizations giving them the opportunity to build new professional relationships. Check out the partnership opportunities via the TechLife Columbus link on our web site.
Non-Chapter Events Section of PMICOC Web Site
The PMI Central Ohio Chapter routinely gets requests from groups outside of our Chapter to post events that may benefit our membership. PMI Central Ohio Chapter is not affiliated with these events. They are posted to assist our members in promoting their Project Management Careers. Check out the Non-Chapter Events opportunities via the Events link on our web site.
Social Networking
The PMI Central Ohio Chapter has now expanding our networking presence. You can now find us on Linkedin. This is a great opportunity for Project Management professionals to network with each other. Be sure to check us out and pass this on to other Project Management Professionals you may know in the Central Ohio area.
For more information about PMI Central Ohio or to register for an upcoming event visit our web site at


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