Thursday, January 7, 2010

eTech Ohio encourages teachers to do more with technology

From The Columbus Dispatch:

Technology will never replace a good teacher.

But more Ohio teachers could use technology to better prepare students to succeed in school and life, a new state report finds.

“Just as literacy has the power to reduce barriers to success and advancement, technology has the ability to open new doors and opportunities by transforming the learning and teaching environment,” said Kate Harkin, executive director of eTech Ohio.

The state agency, which promotes educational technology in Ohio, announced yesterday that it has submitted a five-year plan to Gov. Ted Strickland and lawmakers to prepare students for jobs and help grow the economy.

ETech’s plan calls for the state to provide more training to help teachers use handheld devices, podcasts, social-networking sites and other technology. The report doesn’t provide details about how this might be done because it wants school districts and colleges to create individual programs to deal with their particular needs, Harkin said.

Click here for the eTech Ohio press release announcing the plan.


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