Monday, December 14, 2009

14ninety finalists announced


That’s right, we finally finalized the finalists. They are Mark Gilicinski with MobileXpeditions and Tracy Appiah with Cut the Chaos. We officially announced them at the Ohio Tech Angels meeting on November 24. You can see them in this picture.

Mark Gilicinski, Willie Neumann, Tracy Appiah

Mark Gilicinski, Willie Neumann, Tracy Appiah

MobileXpeditions delivers interactive location-based multimedia tours or GPS games for the iPhone. The application is targeted toward Zoos, Universities, Amusement Parks and other venues with rich content experiences.

MobileXpeditions has signed COSI as its first customer and is preparing for product launch in January. Mark and 14ninetytwo are working with an iPhone developer and a design organization to bring the product to market.

Cut the Chaos (CTC) helps busy families replace chaos with order. Cut the Chaos offers family-oriented time-management tools to help its users save time, reduce stress, and better balance obligations at work, school and home.

Tracy is working with a local design agency for branding and design and the OSU CETI program for software development.

While it has been some time since we have talked about the program, much has been happening. Both candidates have made great progress with their applications. 14ninetytwo has helped guide them toward creating a lasting and successful business. We have helped guide them through the creation of their businesses.

As with most efforts, we were overly ambitious with the timetable for this announcement. It took much longer than anticipated to get all documents in order.

When we recently visited AphaLab in Pittsburgh PA. We talked to them about their application and approval process. They told us that they typically build in two to three months between the end of applications to the announcement of their finalists.

There is no question that we have learned a great deal up to this point. We hope that we can maintain your support and keep you informed.


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