Monday, November 16, 2009

What is a Jelly Anyway?

By: Lori Crock of Written Impact is also a DEC Tenant

Today is Jelly Day at The DEC. The tagline for a Jelly is Casual Co-working. What this really means is that you are welcome to come on over, hang around, chill, talk, network, and learn. Bring your laptop. You will have a great time working and meeting new people in a casual, friendly environment.

Jellying is networking without the fuss. Think understated. Think freedom man. Think interaction with folks at round tables, in comfy chairs, and with some really good open space, free Wi-Fi and lots of ideas. Oh yeah, and there is food too.

Now think about the jelly that goes with peanut butter ... kinda runs all over - not firm like jello - has a little structure, but not too much ... and our Jellies are kinda like that.

Actually, the word Jelly is perfect for this gathering place where the free-flow of ideas is constant and the mix of budding entrepreneurs continues to grow.

The Jelliers seem to like it here - one told me it was nice to hang out somewhere with friendly Wi-Fi that doesn't kick you off as coffee shops and restaurants do.

No plans for solidifying the meaning of a Jelly—as we would not want to try to direct or stifle this unique, creative, entrepreneurial environment.

So join us for a Jelly at The DEC each second and third Thursday of the month. To learn about all the events happening at the DEC check out the calendar


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