Friday, November 13, 2009

Startup spotlight - Tastecasting

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Dan Harris
The Pitch:

TasteCasting combines socially networked people and the social media platforms and applications they use to help establishments build awareness, gain exposure, announce grand openings, introduce new menu items, distribute special offers and encourage people to visit the establishment.

How it works:
1. Establishments provide the date, time, location and maximum number of tasters.

2. There is no charge to the restaurant for the tasting or profile.

3. The establishment’s TasteCasting request is scheduled using our TasteCasting Team Member site.

4. TasteCasting team members RSVP.

5. A TasteCasting Team Captain is appointed.

6. The Team Captain confirms the date, time, location and other details with the establishment

7. The restaurant prepares, serves the team all at no cost to the tasting team.

8. The TasteCasting team attends, tastes, tweets, and posts the stories, videos, pictures to and promotes the establishment across their social media networks.

9. All team members add comments and include links to their blogs, photos, and videos to the TasteCasting profile for that establishment.

10. The restaurant benefits, the bloggers and social media teams benefit and readers and followers learn about existing unknown or new establishments in their area.

By treating 10 TasteCasting team members you’re communicating to 1000s of their network connections across multiple platforms.

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