Saturday, November 14, 2009

Tech across Ohio - Ohio Third Frontier Creates Employment Opportunities for Young Engineers


Recently, I had the opportunity to talk with David Dmytryka the co-founder and president of Dmytryka Jacobs Engineers, Inc. (DJE) in Toledo, Ohio. Nearly 15 years ago, David co-founded DJE and today the company is a leader in engineering instrumentation and control systems for both municipal and industrial clients. DJE specializes in water, waste systems and storm water facilities management.

David spoke with me about DJE and how it has used Ohio Third Frontier funding to provide engineering students with real-world work experience. With Ohio Third Frontier’s support, the company has developed an engineering internship program. Now, engineering students can apply their classroom learnings to project work at DJE. This experience helps students understand the critical role of engineering within larger municipal and industrial projects.

With DJE’s practice of bringing interns on staff as young engineers, the Ohio Third Frontier has helped increase the number of employment opportunities available to engineers who are just starting their careers. So, not only have the funds been used to increase the number of real-world internship opportunities available to young engineers, but they have also helped engineers land jobs after graduation.

Click here to read my full interview with David when we discussed DJE, Ohio Third Frontier support and why David decided to start and grow his business in Ohio.


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