Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Freshbox catering - eat well and make a difference!!!

Ordering food for a company lunch ? Check out Freshbox Catering - Eat well and make a difference!!

Freshbox Catering is a boxed lunch catering company that combines a premium menu
with a premium mission. 100% of our proceeds benefit work-training programs at Faith
Mission Homeless Shelters. As such, we’re actually a not-for-profit business (a 501(c)(3) in
legalese). When you purchase from Freshbox, you’ll receive delicious, made-to-order
meals and simultaneously become a participant in social change – all the while, not
spending any more than you normally would on a boxed meal. To top it off, you’ll soon be
able to order and pay for your meals online at www.freshboxcatering.com.


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