Wednesday, November 4, 2009

12 Uses for Toobla

You may already use Toobla to bookmark interesting websites and videos you come across while surfing the Internet. But what you may not know is that Toobla provides more than just bookmarking. People use Toobla for a variety of reasons, from promoting a business to landing a job. Below are 12 different uses for Toobla:

1. Share Collections of Funny Videos. Organize funny videos on Youtube into folders and share with friends on Facebook and Twitter. Here is a collection of funny Web 2.0 videos:

2. Display your Social Web Presence. Do you have an account on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn? Showcase all of your accounts using the Toobla widget on your website. Here is an example of Chris Brogan’s social web presence:

3. Promote your Small Business. Add your company website, blog, coupons, weekly specials, and advertisements to your Toobla library. Share your folders with customers through email newsletters, Facebook, and Twitter. Here is a portfolio for Custom PC Max:

4. Showcase your Resume. Make an interactive resume on Toobla. Showcase the companies you have worked at, websites you have built, and public speaking you have done. An example:

5. Use as a Teaching Tool. As a teacher, use Toobla to organize videos, photos, and websites in folders relating to current topics of study. Share with your students. Here is an example of a Toobla folder for the topic “quicksand”:

6. Showcase your Press Mentions. Compile articles, video clips, and images. Here are press mentions about Toobla:

7. Showcase your Portfolio as a Blogger or Public Speaker. Organize your top blog entries, ebooks, videos of interviews, podcasts, presentations, books published, articles written, and websites of companies you work for. Embed your portfolio on your blog. Here is a portfolio for Brian Solis:

8. Promote a Charity. Promote awareness by organizing a collection of informational websites. Here is a folder for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation:

9. Promote a Conference. Compile images and videos of past events, speaker information, and websites of sponsors. Here is an example of a tech conference, CIO Ohio, using Toobla:

10. Make a Collection of your Favorite Books. Create a reading list of books by category and share. The following is a list of essential books on Social Media:

11. Make a Collection of your Favorite Sports Video Clips. Compile video clips of unforgettable plays by your favorite sports teams and athletes. Here are some plays by Tiger Woods:

12. Showcase your Corporate Brand. Create a collection of images from fans, video clips, commercials, social media presence, and interesting press about your brand. Here is a portfolio for Southwest Airlines:


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