Thursday, October 1, 2009

My Did It List - LIVE AT LAST - local iphone app available at the Apple App store

Ben's note: As you know I'm a raving fan of locally grown technology. Check out Ty Jacob's new app - My Did It List - . The back story is that Ty's day job is in technology for one for one of Columbus' leading companies and he's built this app is addition to working his day job. Kudos to you Ty for making things happen!!

About My Did It List:

My Did It List is an application designed for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch and available in the Apple iPhone App Store.

My Did It List is the fun new way to organize your personal life experiences!

1 •Experiences you have had – great moments in your life.
2. •Experiences you want to have – the checklist for your future.
3. •Experiences you never want to have – things you want to avoid.

Pre-loaded with over 1200 great life experiences just to help you get started, My Did It List makes it easy and fun to explore what life has to offer. It will revive memories and help you capture great moments and accomplishments from your past. It will stimulate your creativity and help you discover things you want to do in the future. It will help unveil what you are painting on the canvas of your life.

My Did It List has a simple and elegant user interface, making it very easy to use. Answer a few questions or enter a few custom experiences each time you open the app, and before long your life will come into view.

Showing your lists to friends is guaranteed to start interesting conversations!

For each experience or accomplishment in your past you can enter information such as the date, location, notes, and a rating. View and explore your 3 personal experience lists: Did It, Want To, and No Way. And the Map View displays your Did It list on a map of the world, providing a geographical view of your life!

My Did It List was designed to help you not only capture your past, but to also light your imagination about what you can do with your future. So whether you want to catch a Marlin, drive a Ferrari, visit Graceland, spend a day without talking, kiss a girl in the rain, or ALL OF THE ABOVE - build your Want To list and then get busy ENJOYING LIFE!


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