Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Toobla Pushing Social Bookmarking Into the Future?

(Ben's note: Toobla is a local Columbus startup please support them by checking them out and telling your friends about them - )

Toobla Pushing Social Bookmarking Into the Future?

by Kristen Nicole on September 30, 2009
Picture 3Toobla is a visual social bookmarking service that has launched its public beta today. After first debuting at the TechCrunch Demo Pit last year, and having spent the last few months beta testing, Toobla is ready to present itself to the world.
Even though it seems like yet another social link-sharing service, Toobla’s point of differentiation is the advanced social aspects of Toobla along with the interactive capabilities included for the content you’ve bookmarked. These are useful aspects of Toobla’s bookmarking service, as they present new dimensions to the ability of cataloging and organizing content you clip from across the web.
They’re also important because they incorporate many of the capabilities that are missing from similar bookmarking sites. While some offer the visual features that Toobla has, they may not offer the social sharing capabilities. To be fair, Toobla is very focused on the sharing capacity of social bookmarking, so the personal organization and synchronization features some may need will find tools better than Toobla.
Nevertheless, Toobla is going after a unique portion of the semantic web, looking to find a better way in which to experience the web. That means that the interactive aspects of Toobla are shifting the way in which users utilize browsers, websites, as well as organizing access to those websites. Coupled with the sharing features of Toobla, you now have a discovery engine for recommended web content as well as a visually organized and interactive web experience.
Twine is very similar in concept, in its ability to organize the web around personal and public needs. Both have a high focus on the sharing necessity of clipped web content. Along with other sites such as Evernote, it’s evident that there’s still an interest in finding a way to better organize the web.
While the hype around the semantic web trend has died down, especially in regards to sites such as Twine and Toobla, we are still seeing development around socially aware tools of this nature. We’re also seeing some development around browser-specific tools and new browsers all together, all of which look to find more effecient ways in which we comprehend and consume content on the web.
Time will determine the best way in which this can occur for the every day user. Other aspects of technological and social trends, such as increased mobile usage, will help to dtermine the winners and innovation leaders for these particular trends. In the meantime, sites like Toobla will help to push those trends forward and encourage development in this particular area of development.

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