Tuesday, September 29, 2009

An Ohio Story – Advanced Energy Company Finds the Perfect Balance in Ohio

From Ohio Means Business Blog

Jim Garrett is chief executive officer of Vadxx Energy, a privately owned company that produces oil and gas from petroleum-based liquid and solid wastes. Vadxx has offices in Bedford Heights and Akron, Ohio.

VadxxJim recently spoke to me about why he chose to start his advanced energy business in Ohio. He cites both professional – and personal reasons that led to his decision. With 25 years experience in the energy industry, Jim has worked in the oil, gas and utilities fields. During this time, he lived in a number of different cities – both small and large – across the country. He believes Ohio offers “a balanced blend of business opportunity with a very diverse, comfortable and affordable personal lifestyle” – the perfect work-life balance.

He also started Vadxx in Ohio because the state offers an exceptional pool of technically trained labor in advanced energy, as well as a number of regional economic development arms that help grow small companies like his own.

Jim’s story exemplifies the authenticity of the Ohio Promise – the promise you can achieve professional success within the context of a fulfilling life. Click here to read more about Jim’s story and how he achieves the perfect work-life balance in Ohio.


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