Thursday, October 8, 2009

1 day - 1 location - 6 Different "Green" Focused discussions - check it out !! - Oct 15

1 day - 1 location - 6 Different "Green" Focused discussions - check it out !!

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“E-Waste Disposal”
Electronic waste can contain hazardous materials and proper disposal is important. To help you dispose of your e-waste, we are offering a one day, “E-Waste Disposal” here at The DEC. Bring your e-waste with you since Jesse Roberts from possitivitygreen will be here to answer your questions and handle your collections. E-waste includes computers, CRTs, laptops, cameras, hand-held games, entertainment electronics and mobile phones. They can even destroy the contents of your hard drive if desired. Disposal is completely free except for CRTs which require a payment of $15 to handle.
“Our Wild Neighbors”
The City of Dublin will be kicking the day off with their feature, “Our Wild Neighbors”. Geared towards residents and environmentally friendly folks, the event starts at 9:30 a.m. and goes for one hour. Michelle Migliore, Nature Education Coordinator for the City of Dublin will share about our wild neighbors and why they choose to live in suburban settings. You'll also discover what the City of Dublin does to encourage healthy ecosystems and the challenges involved.

“From Sun to Solar Success Using Tax Incentives”One of the best energy sources comes from the sun and we’d like you to explore how to convert the sun to solar energy in our workshop, “From Sun to Solar Success Using Tax Incentives” starting at 11:00 am and running for one half hour. Join Eric Zimmer, CEO of Tipping Point Renewable Energy as he shares what solar technology offers your home and business, and how to take advantage of the new Government Tax Credit incentives.

“Successful Workplace Recycling”
Lunch is on the house during our “Successful Workplace Recycling” event! BW3s on Avery Road is providing wings, wings and more wings! We’ll also have energy water courtesy of Avitae, a Dublin based product. Lunch will be available for a half hour starting at 11:30 am. At noon, you we’ll explore some key partners in local recycling efforts, like SWACO, Positivity and the Waste Not Center. Michelle Crandall will lead us in a case study of how the City of Dublin initiated recycling with its employees. Crandall will walk you through examples of how to get started, what resources can be helpful and how to engage employees to make it successful.

“Your ROI for Efficient Energy Solutions”Increase your knowledge of energy efficiency initiatives, tips to get started saving and programs that can reward you in the process. Zack Griffin, principal of Evolved Energy Solutions, will host the discussion in “Your ROI for Efficient Energy Solutions” focusing on lighting design and related technology as well as rebates and incentives for energy conservation measures through the federal and state government. The session starts at 1:30 pm and runs for one half hour.

“Grow Your Green Business and Green IQ”Finish off the day by learning about exciting new opportunities to “Grow Your Green Business and Green IQ”. Representatives of The Dublin Entrepreneurial Center (The DEC) will share new opportunities to be part of the Green Incubator located at The DEC. Columbus State’s Dave Watts and Tracy LaMar-Nickoli will share new online, green classes that help people start a green focused business, get necessary certifications and gain the information they need to be successful. Participants are encouraged to join our green forum after the brief presentations to discuss the benefits and challenges of having a green business.

The agenda:
9:00 –5:00 Green Jelly & E-waste Disposal
9:30 –10:30 Our Wild Neighbors
11:00 – 11:30 From Sun to Solar Success Using Tax Incentives (Eric Zimmer)
11:30 – 1:30 Lunch & Successful Workplace Recycling (Michelle Crandall - City of Dublin, Swaco,
Jesse Roberts – Positivity, Waste Not Center – Mike Long)
1:30 – 2:00 Your ROI for Efficient Energy Solutions (Zack Griffin - Evolved Energy Solutions)
3:30 – 5:00 Grow Your Green Business and Green IQ (DEC Representatives, David Watts &
Tracy LaMar-Nickoli - Columbus State)


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