Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Energy’s High-Tech Future: Insight from Accenture‏ - Free on line seminar

The Global Consulting Market:
Trends, Challenges and Opportunities
October 8, 2009 from 11:30 to 6:00 p.m. EST
Registration fee: WAIVED

In "Energy's High-Tech Future: SmartGridCity" - one of four critical sessions
featured at our October 8th online Virtual Symposium - Jeffrey Taft, Global
Smart Grid Chief Architect, Accenture will provide a sneak peak at the future
of energy.

Taft contends that we are entering a new era where clean energy will be at a
premium, networks will need to be flexible to the incorporation of new low-
carbon technologies and customers will demand greater insight and control over
their own consumption.

In this virtual presentation, Taft will highlight his groundbreaking work with
Xcel Energy to bring SmartGridCity to Boulder, Colorado - the nation's first
fully integrated smart grid community that will boast the largest and densest
concentration of these emerging technologies.

Don't miss this rare opportunity to learn the details behind the engagement
that constructed a community that combines traditional with cutting-edge
technology to modernize the energy grid and provide customers with the best
service possible.

Other sessions in "Consulting" magazine's Virtual Symposium include:
-IBM Client Case Study: How Analytics Will Fundamentally Change Consulting
-Tech Action Plan: Launching a Cloud Computing Practice
-The Rules of a Recovery: Benchmarking the Best Firms

Visit http://events.unisfair.com/rt/consulting~symposium for complete details
and to register today! And remember, this powerful online event is available at
no cost.

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