Monday, September 14, 2009

Kodak OPENs Up About Cart Shock

Resource Interactive : weThink ยป Kodak OPENs Up About Cart Shock

Kodak_free_shipping2 Consumers told Kodak shipping costs were too high.
So Kodak decided to test a free shipping policy.
Kodak asked consumers to let the company know if they like this.
This is starting to look a lot like a dialog to me.

I love that Kodak is acknowledging the issue of "cart shock," which, even as a veteran online shopper, I still feel on occasion. They're also calling out the consumer behavior of waiting for the next sale to place your order. (And they do have so many that it's never a terribly long wait, but still, I want it when I want it.) They're not criticizing this consumer behavior or concern, rather they're trying to solve it.

And, Kodak is doing something about it in a personal way. They're not just dropping shipping costs, they're communicating that they are doing it and why they are doing it.(I'm still a bit amazed that they can offer "free" for orders as small as $5...but I'm sure someone's running the numbers) Last, they're asking for their customers' feedback and support to, "Help make free shipping last forever." Again, good prompting for dialog, however, I caution reference to "forever" -- nothing in retail is forever, especially in this economic climate.

Maybe they're banking on recession-weary consumers having short-term memory?


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