Friday, September 4, 2009

NexTech Materials expands manufacturing capability and distribution network

September 1, 2009 Lewis Center, OH - To meet the demand of its materials customers, NexTech recently expanded its ceramic manufacturing capacity and introduced a new line of premium ceramic powders through its division. The product of years of development experience at NexTech, the Premium Powder line is tailored to provide improved ceramic processing behavior at lower temperatures. The products go through rigorous quality control systems and are provided with detailed and thorough characterization data that are unparalleled in the fuel cell industry. Customers benefit by being able to focus on their specific development and production goals, rather than on product qualification.

Premium Powders are available in laboratory volumes, 500-g minimum to 25-kg lot size. For commercial applications, larger production volumes are available. Each powder lot is supplied with complete chemical, physical, and electrical analyses on a convenient thumb drive. Ceramic powders include various electrolyte and electrode materials used primarily in solid oxide fuel cell applications. Products are available directly from and through NexTech’s distribution network. NexTech currently has distributors in South Korea (C&S Specialty Chemical), Japan (Itochu), Taiwan (KH Union) and Europe (HaikuTech). NexTech is continuing to expand its distribution network throughout the world.

About NexTech Materials

NexTech’s vision is to be a global leader in the development and manufacturing of innovative products for energy and environmental markets. NexTech is a leading developer and supplier of materials, components and services for the fuel cell industry and is dedicated to reducing the manufacturing and operating costs of fuel cells and other electrochemical devices. NexTech’s customers are located in over 35 countries and include leading researchers, developers and manufacturers throughout the world. NexTech Materials, Ltd. was founded as a privately held company in 1994 and has grown into one of Ohio’s leading technology companies. NexTech recently expanded its manufacturing and R&D facilities located in Lewis Center Ohio. NexTech has many products in the pipeline including fuel cell stacks for military and residential power applications, sensors for gas detection and control systems, catalysts for energy conversion systems, and membranes for gas separation devices. # # #


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