Monday, August 24, 2009

Weekend of Discovery Graduates « 14ninetytwo | Early Stage Technology Incubator

Weekend of Discovery Graduates « 14ninetytwo | Early Stage Technology Incubator

Weekend of Discovery Graduates

The happy campers.

The happy campers.

Here they are. This is the group that made it through the Weekend of Discovery. A good time was had by all.

Most important, according to them, we provided solid value for all who attended. That said, we would like to thank everyone who volunteered their time and effort.

First of all, Donatos, Bricker and Eckler and Reservoir Venture Partners provided donations so that we could eat and drink. Can’t thank them enough. If you would like to see the keynote from Jim Grote, Donatos Founder, check it out here. Thanks to Dan Harris for providing this snippet. Also, check out Dan’s gallery of One Minute Pitches from the participants here. Great stuff. Also, check photos of the event on Flickr here.

Specifically, want to thank those who took valuable time from their weekend to speak to the group and sign up for our Office Hours. Office Hours made it possible for anybody in the program to spend time one on one with business professionals. Topics ranged from sales, legal, finance and others. Here’s a list of the folks that gave us their valuable time and expertise.

  • Al Cogossi: Blocking and Tackling Financial Management
  • Alex Brown: Partner, Bricker and Eckler
  • Kevin Gadd: Director of IT Commercialization, TechColumbus
  • Tricia Strahler: Principal, Sparkafire Communications
  • Willie Neumann, Founder, Willie Neumann Co
  • Brittney Craft: Sales Director CareWorks Technologies
  • Matt Carbonara: Reservoir Venture Partners
  • Kris Molnar: President, Resourceful

Lastly, thanks to TechColumbus and Ohio Third Frontier. Without their support this would never have happened.

Next step is to pick the finalists. Next Monday, we will announce the three that made it through. The judges will meet this week to review the pitch videos and decide on who moves on to the next step.

I was tremendously impressed by how much everyone improved from Friday pitch to the Sunday pitch. It was absolutely amazing and extremely impressive. Thanks to all of them for working with us to make this happen. A good time was had by all.


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