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For the final full  week of August, we’ve got a few EXTRA links to share with you:
An article by Mickey Meece in the Business Section of this weekend’s New York Times cites some recent Kauffman reports and delves into the continuing rise of “necessity entrepreneurship.” expands on a recent interview with Amy Adams, Meryl Streep and Nora Ephron in Ladies Home Journal – in which the women discuss their new movie, Julie & Julia, and the “vital support and a nagging distraction” that marriage can be for entrepreneurs.
Ethan Lyon, Senior Writer at, lists his “Top 5: You Might Be an Entrepreneur if…” qualities, and references another recent New York Times article.  Money quote from the piece: “In times of economic distress, it’s small business and entrepreneurs who lead the way out of these recessionary periods,” said Jeff Kaczmarek, President of the Economic Development Corporation.
Profiling three young, collegiate entrepreneurs, Jordan Valinsky at tells us why “The Dorm is the New Garage.”  Included is a great quote from Christopher Hanks, Director of the entrepreneurship program at the University of Georgia: "There is no better time to start a business… during a depression or recession, innovation always increases."
As part of her article, “Entrepreneurs, Don’t Go It Alone… Especially Now,” Rhonda Abrams of USA Today explains her observation on successful entrepreneurs: “successful people seek out good advice and listen to it.”


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