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1492 - Attn: Startups with web solutions or mobile application!!! - 14ninetytwo – Discovering Columbus Innovation

July 6, 2009 - From TechColumbus

Central Ohio startups with an idea for a new technology-enabled Web solution or mobile application are encouraged to apply for acceptance in the 14ninetytwo project – a pilot program including an early-stage virtual incubator providing business formation, mentoring and coaching resources as well as access to pre-seed capital for selected deals. Deadline for application is July 31, 2009.
Central Ohio entrepreneurs with an idea for a new technology-enabled solution, especially in the Web and mobile applications space, now have an avenue for exploring the steps for bringing that idea to market through a newly launched initiative known as 14ninetytwo.

14ninetytwo was formed in response to the need for an early-stage virtual incubator that could help web and mobile startups investigate the viability of their idea, gain insights into the fundamentals of starting a business and, for selected entrepreneurs, transform their idea into a working prototype.

Willie Neumann, local entrepreneur, is the program manager for 14ninetytwo, which is supported through funding and business coaching resources from Ohio’s Third Frontier and TechColumbus. The program is specifically for those entrepreneurs who believe they have a strong, marketable concept for a technology-based solution, but who may not have the technical expertise, business acumen and financial resources to bring that idea to fruition.

“In Central Ohio, we find that most of the great innovations are coming from people who are employed, especially within larger corporations,” says Neumann. “They may have very promising ideas – especially as they relate to Web-enabled solutions and mobile apps – but many of these innovators are not programmers or business startup experts.”

Neumann says the goal of 14ninetytwo is to connect these would-be entrepreneurs with the resources they need to rapidly transform their idea into a viable, profitable company within the region. Entrepreneurs interested in participating in 14ninetytwo must complete an online application at They will be asked to describe (in confidence) their idea, its potential market and other key factors. From these applications, Neumann, TechColumbus and a team of proven successful entrepreneurs from the community, will select around a dozen ideas whose creators will be asked to participate in a “Weekend of Discovery” in early fall 2009.

The 14ninetytwo Weekend of Discovery will be an intense business coaching and mentoring boot camp. Over the course of the weekend, participants will learn from a host of industry leaders and experienced entrepreneurs. They will be exposed to issues faced in every phase of business formation including legal, finance, staffing, sales and all other key considerations involved in launching and growing a startup.

Out of this weekend, three entrepreneurs will be selected for further assistance and funding in developing their concept into a viable business proposition. They will have direct access to coaching and mentoring services as well as other resources necessary to graduate from the program with a working prototype and comprehensive business plan – all within an accelerated 90-day timeframe.

Applications for the program will begin being accepted July 1, 2009 with deadline for applying August 7, 2009.

Anyone wishing more details on the program should visit

Or you can contact Willie Neumann at


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