Wednesday, April 8, 2009

TechLife Community Builder - Pawan Murthy


I claim to be an expert in marketing, but no one has provided me enough proof to refute that statement - so I'll keep believing it. I've started a few companies - few that did well, some that didn't (for those, I place the blame squarely on our IT department). I love building things and using my right brain - my left is too tired. I graduated from Ohio State University with a degree in molecular genetics - which comes in very handy as a marketer. I also do some public speaking, am a closet chef and a wannabe musician.

I currently work for BMW Group Financial Services. I head up marketing for the online auto finance company called Currently we are the exclusive lender for Ebay Motors, and Kelley Blue Book.


What are you passionate about?

Building things and helping others find what they are passionate about.

What's are the most played songs in your ipod? (or your favorites if you don't have a ipod)

Keith Jarrett's My Foolish Heart, anything from Kurt Elling (one of my idols), Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata, Mos Def and Freestylers.

Where did you grow up?

3 countries, 5 times zones, 5 US States - but ended up going to high school in Cincinnati and college in Columbus

What events have you organized?

I founded The PEP Talks - a recurring speaker series event that helps students find their careers by connecting them with local inspiring professionals.


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