Tuesday, April 7, 2009

ActionScript/Flash and/or PHP/MySQL developer opening

Are you an ActionScript/Flash and/or PHP/MySQL developer seeking to innovate and make big impact as part of a small team?

At PAKRA, we design and develop web-based games that simulate work-related processes and environments. Our games allow employees learn how to do their work better, safer, more efficiently and effectively. PAKRA GAMES are delivered via the PAKRA Console, an innovative tool for game management and game-play analytics. PAKRA Analytics empowers employers and managers to make better decisions regarding screening, hiring, placing and training employees.

Our immediate products and services are for call center agents and patient-care delivery professionals. To learn more, please visit our website www.pakragames.com.

If you are interested please email your resume and sample portfolio to Michelle Stewart mstewart@pakragames.com and Rini Das at Rinidas@gmail.com

Effort needed:

1. Orientation:
i. Understand the game manifesto and specifications
ii. Understand the server and hardware
iii. Understand the WebServices between game and MySQL
iv. Understand the Console and MVC architecture
v. Understand PAKRA

2. Coding:
i. Code first deliverable
ii. Code second deliverable
iii. Code third deliverable

3. Testing all deliverables

4. Effort analysis for deliverables

For deliverables 1,2 and 4: Skill requirements

1. Flash ActionScript 3.0 (AS3)
2. Working with XML
3. Working with media and shared libraries in Flash
4. Working with remote communication in Flash
5. Working in an MVC or object-oriented environment
6. For the game, any design/graphics experience, especially with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator

For deliverables 2, 3, 4, 5: Skill requirements

1. PHP
2. MySQL
3. Experience with JavaScript/AJAX
4. Some web design ability
5. Working with an object-oriented environment
6. Working with 3rd party libraries
7. Possibly working with CodeIgniter or another framework
8. Some server experience, preferably Linux


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