Monday, April 6, 2009

Startup Weekend Columbus II - Engaging, energizing, innovating - making it happen - video links

Well it's been one heck of a weekend down at Startup Weekend Columbus II. We've had a dozen companies started and enough stories created to fill a year's worth of posting on this blog. I'll be sharing some of those stories to come. Here's the list of companies birthed at this weekend's Startup Weekend Columbus II. The description's were pulled from the Tweetstream (#swcii) from the event. Check them out.

Join me congratulating all the Startup Weekend Participants!! A special shout out to our event organizers:

Chris Anderson (; Alvin Borromeo (; Rocky VanBrimmer (; Jamie Timm (; Brian Link (; Nick Seguin (; William Indest (;; Jody Dzuranin (; Dan Harris (

Here's the blog for the event:

Milton: Micro biz simplified. Online app to manage CRM, projects, $$$. Subs model $30/month. Sweet! an on line application to manage sales, contacts and financials for small businesses. -

- real time traffic data - smartphone geolocation & simple interface, voice notes, live chat. Free/Subscrip. Creating an ad-hoc community to provide accurate and timely traffic info.

-Entertainment/ride wait times, ratings, closings on smartphone. Connect to SM, games. $via ads, sponsor, data, subs.

- Connecting students with work and community learning experiences. Live, Learn, Work, Earn. Match students to qlty work opps, scholarships via vetted video. Subs model (parents, biz) -

. KIVA model. 50K> crowdsourced loans for Ents/Investors via web w/legal, mkting, strat services. Micro VC Lend for Growth Funds For Growth “What is your $1000 project?” Lend for Growth to aid entrepreneurs, investors and communities.

- Making renewable energy more affordable (agg demand) & decisions rational. Ray Place creating a marketplace where communities organize and group energy sell back

- Offline 2ndary market real time/place event ticket exchange via Twitter/smartphone. Free/Subs model. For Ticket buyers: get your last minute event tickets at the best possible price and in a safe location. Great team! #s

Twitter info/flock mgmt. Overload/relevance, like/dislike (polarity), content pref, neural network. Cool! Filtering the trash on twitter!

- iphone weight mgmt via pic/text journal, community accountability. Calorie tools, Free/Subs model. Photo Food Journal is a service that provides a convenient way for journalling what you eat using your mobile device.

-Workplace productivity NOT. Waste time @ work more better. Now seeing F* an on line community for disgruntled workers! This is funny!

MyDreme - S network for pers training & dev., goal reaching, self actualization. Great logo! a social networking site for people to reach their goals/ self actualize.

Nonprofit linking donors to volunteers to propogate increased philanthropy. We ALL have something to GIVE. Join our community of givers today. What's your GIVE? @mygive -


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Rock on!

Great videos from a great weekend! Thanks for posting Ben!

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