Friday, April 24, 2009

Nanotechnology day recap at COSI - Chez Sez

Original post on COSI Chez Sez blog 4/23/09

Have you ever heard of nanotechnology? What about material engineers?

Maybe neither, but yesterday we were getting a very good response from the students and the public who were here who had a chance to interact with real engineers and their demonstrations and engagement with the world of very small.

When I started running science museums with collections I really honed my understanding of how powerful people found it to be having a “real” experience or interacting with a ”real” scientist or engineer. So we’re looking for more opportunities and partnerships which allow our guests, in addition to interacting with our great team (paid and volunteer team members), have a chance to meet and interact with people who are professionals engaged entirely in scientific/engineering explorations and studies.

It’s not that we expect everyone to take to becoming a scientist or engineer, although we hope we make a contribution to a small, but increasing number of kids thinking that way. But people young and older just think it’s cool to see real scientific equipment and talk to “real” engineers, like you’ll see in this video from our Nanotechnology day yesterday.

Who would you like to meet in addition to our great and energetic floor team? What areas of science and engineering would you find fun to interact with here?

Are you interested in nanotechnology—here’s a good web link that provides some more information—it’s interesting stuff!


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