Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Platform Lab - Best Value anywhere for IT test projects

Check them out at: http://www.platformlab.org/

Platform Lab provides the best value -- for any company, anywhere -- to conduct IT test projects.

Platform Lab provides a competitive advantage to our clients by offering short term physical or remote access to IT hardware, software and massive bandwidth for all types of companies for the explicit purpose of IT testing and projects.

The value proposition is clear: if access to IT test infrastructure is exceptionally affordable, more companies will test. Robust testing leads to better processes, better people, higher quality applications, fewer mistakes and less waste from under-utilized assets.

The Best Value in IT Testing

Conduct thorough Load Testing/Quality Assurance

  • Client-specific custom-built test environments provide knowledge of your application capability, numerous load test software resources available.
  • Use resources as needed; avoid purchase of under-utilized software, hardware and bandwidth.
  • Massive connectivity - best value in the nation.
  • Learn all about Load Testing at Platform Lab.
  • Validate your Disaster Recovery plan

  • Fulfillment HIPAA/SOX requirements, troubleshoot, gain peace of mind.
  • Exercise your plan locally, avoiding travel cost, hassle and risk.
  • Have time to document, fail, retry and train without excessive cost.
  • Learn all about Disaster Recovery Testing at Platform Lab.
  • Prove IT solutions in an independent environment

  • Minimize risk by proving IT vendor solutions prior to purchase.
  • Discover problems in Platform Lab test environment, not in-house.
  • Client-specific proof-of-concept environment enables evaluation of new technologies.
  • Learn all about Proof-of-concept Testing at Platform Lab.
  • IT Classroom Training in a vendor-neutral facility

  • Best value in Ohio for IT classroom rental.
  • 16 seats in a quiet, comfortable, secure room with great hardware and bandwidth, HD projector.
  • Custom configurations available.
  • Learn all about Classroom Training at Platform Lab.
  • Flexible client-driven test capabilities

  • Statewide consultant network enables clients to quickly find IT test professionals.
  • Outstanding vendor support structure provides depth of hardware/software resources.
  • Rental/Delivery of IT test infrastructure available in Ohio, an outstanding value.
  • Learn all about On Demand Cluster Computing at Platform Lab.

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