Monday, April 20, 2009

Fox Business Names Dublin as best small city to start up in the United States

Check out the video:

Transcript from the video: 
" In times of crisis how easy is it to start a business -- some places it may be easier than others and in tonight's power rankings. We're taking a look at the best small cities for you to start up in Tracy Burgess joins us once again this is judge and all kinds of things like. The third schools nearby and -- and I. I already -- workforce."
" That actually helps out -- kids coming out there on fire there energetic they're ready to go out our exit number five is Overland Park, Kansas. Population 173000. People on what's interesting is that. Current ones out there are three startup screen ass out of her 1000 people that's a fair amount of startups. The service -- down people like to spend money here. There out. Feel they're not going to affect the economy whatsoever so they want to buy extra services still walk that kind of stuff like in there that feel that we're actually. It's right this senator that country Kansas but hold all -- New Jersey here in the east coast. Well let -- get -- hadn't started out as Blake you know where all the college kids wet now it's really just stay up. -- people's where people live in Manhattan and it's become much more family oriented though. But originally blue collar telling town home -- not just. Elect me again though very service oriented town these people commute back imports and then and so you -- service that can help make their life better. Good Hoboken and thousands of schools and universities it was a educated workforce. Then go down south to Lafayette Louisiana. Now again university Louisiana Lafayette right in the center there so they recruit they got tons of help. Hundred technology in this town lots of technological resources. And again three startups for every 1000 people that's that's an I think that's a pretty decent. We're not only well let's get to the very hard working down there and there's absolutely that's an Irvine California. The most one of the most beautiful climates in the world let's say that this -- in her right it's certainly inspires you to get out perfect weather at 95%. Of the year maybe -- very small business friendly but it's also headquartered delight. Taco Bell Broadcom Lincoln Mercury's worldwide headquarters there so business is big and small all come there. Which means you write -- fall -- the space and again this weather. And whether so is physically active people because everybody goes outside you want to do things in the I think it inspires you -- nobody's overweight at at

Dublin Ohio this city has the smallest population of  five we just mentioned only 30000. People in town. But even with that two point four startups per 1000 people totally growing city which means they're infrastructure is fabulous because it's all brand new. Great places are high tech if you will look -- because it's a wired for sound. Nine miles from Ohio State University so that again huge reason I stay one of the best schools in the world okay."


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