Monday, March 16, 2009

Thanks to Jason and Nikole for designing the TechLife Columbus logo

A big shout out to Jason and Nikole for designing the new TechLife Columbus logo. (A big thanks to Tom Williams for connecting us with them). Please take a moment to read about them.

If you're in the market for design help you owe it to yourself to contact them at or

A little about them:

In 2005, Nikole Gramm and Jason Sweazy were both selected to join the exclusive OSU department of design in visual communication. Throughout the next 4 years they and their sixteen classmates spent countless all- nighters furiously working away in their Hopkins Hall studio. They inspired and pushed each other. In turn they developed into skilled designers, great teammates and also friends.

Upon graduation Nikole and Jason wanted to continue their collaboration. With their similar design foundations, matching enthusiasm, and complementary strengths, a perfect team was formed. From this team grew the creation of their company, Everywhere. Everywhere is the idea that design is inspired, created and collaborated everywhere. Everywhere promotes creativity and exploration of ideas without the limit of one location.

Without restriction to location, Everywhere allows for collaboration beyond physical orientation. Most recently, 3 former classmates have joined the team as freelance designers, all residing outside of Columbus. The collective differences, whether they be talents or locations, only make Everywhere stronger.

Note: A little side story about the logo - there was an alternative version that we almost went with until we showed the various logo options to TechLife members at a meetup. The preference for the new logo vs what was previously planned was overwhelming. It's amazing what you learn when you talk to your constituency...


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