Monday, March 16, 2009

Out and about - weekly TechLife meetup update

Join me in welcoming our new meetup members (Arpuva Patel, Patrick Pohler, Steve Barns and Asch Mikhail to name a few) . We're up to 918 members (up from 872 last Sunday). This week we will cross the 100 event mark since our humble beginnings on Oct 1, 2008. Thanks to all our organizers for their hard work creating events that allow us to engage, energize, and innovate.

Kudos and shoutouts:
Check out the profile of one of our meetup organizers (aka - TechLife Community Builder) - Steve Gruetter - click here

Congrats to the City of Dublin and its partners in opening the Dublin Entrepreneur Center!! The grand opening is this Thursday 3/19.

Kudos to COSI for their Imagination Celebration gala last Saturday. It was a incredible event that raised money for COSI to provide an exciting and informative atmosphere for those of all ages to grow, explore, question, and connect to real science, real scientists, and real potential to change the world.
Read more: "COSI Columbus | Imagination Celebration 2009" -

Psst - mark your calendars for a upcoming COSI Innovation Showcase Grand opening on April 8 - we don't have it on the calendar officially yet but look for it to be posted this week

Here's this week's events:

Wed March 18 - NW - Clintonville Meetup
Wed March 18 - PD - AITP Presents VMWare
Wed March 18 - PD - Columbus Web Analytics Wednesday
Thurs March 19 - PD - OWL - How to Make Small Biz Successful with Social Media Tools. Katie McCartney
Thurs March 19 - Dublin Entrepreneurial Center Grand Opening Celebration
Thurs March 19 - PD - Ideas to Deals...LIVE
Thurs March 19 - ES, NW - March Green Drinks: Earth Day Challenge (By Green Cbus & Young Profl's)

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