Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Study: Ohio mired in old economy

Columbus Dispatch 12/1/08 - click here for full article

Despite initiatives to promote high-tech start-ups, Ohio appears stagnant in the shift to a new economy, according to a national study.

But officials say the study doesn't fully capture what's happening in the state.

The recently released 2008 State New Economy Index measures factors such as entrepreneurship, the number of inventor patents, work-force education and other indicators to determine a state's progress toward a more dynamic economy.........click here for full article

"I think it's fair to say Ohio historically was an economy characterized by large companies producing large durable items," said John Griffin, director of the Technology and Innovation Division at the department. "We never had a culture of entrepreneurism. That's something you don't create overnight."......

Ben's comments:

Ohio ranked 43d in entrepreneurial activity...are we falling behind? What do you think? What can we do to drive a culture of entrepreneurism??


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