Thursday, November 20, 2008

Media Tour Focuses National Attention on Central Ohio’s Tech Community

TechColumbus and the Columbus Chamber of Commerce played hosts last week to a slate of national tech writers and editors who came to town to learn more about why the region was recently recognized by Forbes as the #1 Up and Coming Tech City. Great stories, such as the one posted by David Strom, a regular contributor to E-Week, Info World and the NY Times, are beginning to emerge as a result.

Strom posted a story on his Web Informant site that focuses on the City of Dublin and its efforts to narrowly target and attract a certain type of startup company, namely the kind that starts out as one or two people in a garage and ends up staying within the city while growing to a much larger entity. Dana McDaniel, Dublin’s deputy city manager, says that the city is betting on the “long-tail,” a term most often associated with very narrow segmentation and targeting. Strom cites the many things Dublin has going for it in achieving this goal. These include quality of life considerations such as a thriving downtown district with multiple eateries, congestion-free travel and mixed residential-business zones to enable people to still have their offices close by their homes once they’ve grown out of the garage. Strom further cites Dublin’s proximity to Columbus and the ability to “piggy-back” off of all the business resources and talent pool the region has to offer. Strom praises Dublin for really getting what the next decade of employment opportunities is going to be all about.

Strom had great things to say about Columbus as an IT destination as well.

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