Thursday, October 9, 2008

Instructions to 2.Ohio attendees and embracing social media technology

Faces from 2.Ohio - do you anyone here? - if you haven't registered yet got to:

Good evening all,

Get a good night's sleep and get ready for a great evening tomorrow night. Give yourself some time to account for Friday evening traffic so you can get there on time and not miss any of the action.

Help us chronicle the evening by taking pictures/videos and tagging all pics/videos with 2dotohio08. That way no matter where you post - flickr, picassa,your blog, you tube,etc all will be easily found. Let us know if you've posted any pics/videos.

In the spirit of embracing new social media we will be twittering from the event - our friends on theInnoGage team will be covering the 2.Ohio event via twitter and can be followed at:

If you're twittering from the event please use the following hashtag - #2Ohio - if you're wondering what a hashtag is read on (I just learned about it this afternoon - thanks Tom Williams)

The hashtag is just a method for organizing the tweets. There is a website ( that picks up all hashtags on twitter. Alternatively, you can just search for the hashtag on twitter and it will automatically pull all posts carrying that tag.

When I tweet out an event, I simply copy the hashtag and paste it at the beginning or end of every tweet that goes out. This way you have a linear historical record of all the tweets for a particular event.

If you or anyone else is tweeting about the event, use #2Ohio in your tweet and you will be included in the hash aggregation.

Don't plan anything for right after the event as many of the event attendees have indicated that they will be retiring to the hotel bar for some food, drink, and conversation. Take the time to reconnect with old and connect with some new friends/colleagues.

Peace out,

P.S. I can be followed at


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