Wednesday, October 8, 2008

2.Ohio - Why are people attending - the faces of Columbus Technology

Many of us go to events for different reasons. I was curious why people were coming to the upcoming 2.Ohio event this Friday.

So I asked the question "Why are you attending this event?"

Here's a sampling of what they said (as of this evening we've got close to 200 registrants)

“I am a student at The Ohio State University, and I am very interested in the technological and political future of the country. I am a computer science and engineering major, and I feel that these issues play an important role in my future.”

“An excellent opportunity to hear from (and network with) leaders in the industry. ”

“To meet new techies”

“Linkedin is a tool I use daily and am very interested to hear Reid Hoffman speak. I am also interested in networking with more of Columbus's IT community.”

“To learn about innovations in technology and social networking, and how they relate to Columbus. ”

“I want to better understand how to use social networking to be a better leader in the Columbus area, and beyond.”

“Networking learning / self-improvement awareness of how technology impacts politics, and vice versa”

“It's crazy but the 10th is my birthday!! Can you believe I'm coming to learn more about Web 2.0 and the piece on the technology innovation gap on my birthday???”

“technology experts here in Columbus + Obama. Sounds like a great combination.”

“I want to know how these technology leaders view the importance of technology, innovation & education, and specifically, the president's role as a technology leader”

“I am excited that Columbus IT is demanding attention from such prominent IT players. I am attending to support my community and listen to political and innovative perspectives.”

“Great people and a chance to hear some cutting edge thought.”

“To hear their views on emerging technology and markets. I know they have strong political views as well, so I will be interested to hear their opinions on the impact of politics on technology industry.”

“Opportunity to listen to the brightest in the industry and understand how we can continue to grow the Central Ohio talent pool”

Tomorrow I'll talk about what registrants say they want to get out of the meeting.

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