Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Boulder needs more kickass developers

Check out what Boulder is doing to attract talent....hmm as if mountains and good lifestyle wasn't enough they are getting aggressive about bringing in talent.

Columbus - what are we doing???

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Boulder Needs More Kickass Developers

Want a FREE trip to beautiful Boulder, Colorado? The Boulder tech scene is growing like crazy. Twenty of our top tech startups (you can see a few in the sidebar) have banded together to fly in one hundred top software developers, programmers and engineers from across the country, all expenses paid. You can apply to be one of the hundred.

Why Boulder?

The tech community in Boulder is thriving. We are the host to the nations 2nd largest New Tech Meetup and have over 200 startups in town. Boulder is the smartest, most active, best place for singles, families and much more. So, what is keeping you from moving here? Apply to come visit, on our dime.

How Does It Work?

Every one of our sponsoring companies is looking for really smart developers and engineers just like you, so they’re contributing to a fund that we use to fly in up to 100 qualified candidates. We pay for your airfare, hotel and transportation. (We’ll also make sure you don’t starve while you’re here.) You’ll spend three days and two nights here in Boulder; one day will be spent checking out Boulder, another day will be spent meeting with all of the sponsoring companies, and yet another day will be spent following up with the companies you’re most interested in. In short, there is no easier (or cheaper) way to explore a really cool town, learn about a bunch of killer startups, and search for your next career change, all in one. Don’t wait to tell us about yourself.

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Anonymous Glen said...

Being a bike racer and snow skier, and living in Colorado in the 90's Boulder rocks.
Ironacally I see Fuser is in the Bunch. I tried to pull the founder out of there and it did not work!!

Glen Gardner

October 22, 2008 at 8:03 AM  

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