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Monday morning muses - April 14, 2008 - Never give up/top 11 list

Good morning,

I'm a little sore right now (ok a lot - and I'm still walking down the stairs like an old man). You see I had this harebrained idea that it might be fun to run a half marathon this weekend. What was I thinking?

As I searched for inspiration to complete my run I reflected back to a video that has some wonderful lessons that I'd like to share with you....(It is well worth the ten minutes - please take it) - just click on the link

Hopefully this video has given you a little Monday morning inspiration !!

Peace out,

P.S. My top 11 list of things I learned running that are applicable to business and building a vibrant Columbus Tech Community

1. If you wait until you think you're ready to run the race you'll never run the race

2. Don't go out too fast too early or you'll burn out and cramp up

3. When the race seems too long to finish - focus on finishing the next smaller interval

4. There is no surer way to ensure you're going to run a race than by signing up (and paying the entrance fee) - look for ways to commit yourself so you don't chicken out

5. Make sure that you take drink at all the water breaks
6. Train smart - it's not about running miles - it's about running quality miles
7. Get used to fact that over a long race you will get uncomfortable and feel some pain
8. Take time to enjoy the race experience. There's a lot of really interesting people around you. Just take a moment to say hello to them.
9. Smile during the race - you'll feel better
10. Wear a stopwatch and have a target for your time at various mile markers
11. Last but not least - it sure feel great to cross the finish line - take time to celebrate and then get back to training for the next race

A special thank to Dave Babner and the John Bingham Racing team for putting on a great race


Blogger The Neologist said...

Speaking as an ultrarunner who recently (November) moved into Columbus from Phoenix, Arizona, largely for high tech job related reasons (I'm a Senior Analyst in charge of documentation at Interhack), I enjoyed seeing this little blurb about my friend John Bingham's race, even though I did not enjoy getting stuck in gridlock traffic on my way into the office on a Saturday morning when I would have rather been out running myself. (Which is how I even knew there was a race.)

I wanted to mention one little detail regarding this bullet list: namely that it is not necessarily a good idea to drink at every aid station. Beginning runners hear so much about the need to hydrate that they sometimes overlook the real danger of hyponatremia, sometimes called water poisoning, really an electrolyte imbalance caused by too much water in the system and not enough elecrolyte to conduct it to cells. Hyponatremia is much more dangerous than dehydration, and is potentially lethal. It happens mainly to slower runners in longer races.

Personally, I have never drunk a drop of water on any run of 13 miles or less, in a race or otherwise, except when I used to train in the desert. And I do this often, as almost every Saturday of my life is devoted to a run of a minimum of 13 miles (a recovery week) up to 40 and more miles. (Or it was when I as able to train regularly in Phoenix.)

Happy running and happy teching.

April 15, 2008 at 11:38 AM  

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