Tuesday, April 27, 2010

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gohow Blog
Meet Al!

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I met Ed Lando, CEO for Gohow, shortly after I migrated from the SF Bay Area to Columbus Ohio a few years ago. Ed, an accomplished veteran in the Executive Search business, had worked with me to further my network of contacts into the local technology community. I had been in the center of the technology universe, Silicon Valley, for the majority of my career and was fortunate to have worked as a CIO for Adobe, VeriFone, Portal Software, Hotwire and VMware before becoming an executive IT consultant. During one of our many lunch meetings, Ed shared his vision for a business service and Internet based model then called MyRealDNA. I was immediately intrigued by the potential of this service and queried him in depth regarding the model and the process for bringing it to fruition. He elaborated further then invited me to become an Advisory Board member, which I heartily accepted.

After participating in that role for almost 6 months, Ed asked if I would consider leading the technology effort as the CIO. Initially, my reaction was “what another CIO role at this stage in my career?” but after considering his proposal and understanding the overall need, I accepted! So, here I am, leading yet again another exciting early stage technology effort with huge potential to provide a desperately needed service to people that was never available to the US employee base at large. I’m truly excited to be challenged by the technology efforts associated with both the development and deployment of this service but more importantly to provide a means for people to learn more about what they can really be and how to go about achieving their goals and desires.

I consider myself blessed again!!!


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