Thursday, April 29, 2010

agileLUNCHBOX - What the Business Expects from Agile - link to recording

Yesterday there was a agileLunchbox session at OCLC entititled -

"What the Business Expects from Agile" - presented by Dave Ungar - here is link to recording of that session

Does "Doing Agile" make you agile? Only if you're delivering value to the business. "Agile" is a culture as well as a set of practices and tools. Tools are helpful, but you can't passively expect to drop the tools into place and be successful - it's people that deliver value. Going beyond the methods and tools of Agile, Dave Ungar will discuss the business side of development; How a business can plan and make commitments within an agile culture. This session will cover expectations and examples that allow development and business to work together and effectively plan and use their resources to deliver true business value.

About the Speaker:

Dave Ungar, PMP, is a suit who embraces agile principles. He has been managing agile projects for five years and incorporating agile practices into project teams for eight years. Dave's current role at OCLC is to manage the operations and execution of product strategy for library management services "in the cloud." With over 20 years of experience developing and managing business applications, Dave has the perspectives of all stakeholders in mind. Dave lives in Clintonville and is an active organizer in the Columbus Techlife community.


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