Monday, February 22, 2010

mobileX confirms AdMob speaker on March 4

mobileX confirmed yesterday that Charles Yim - biz dev manager at AdMob (acquired by Google for $750 mil last year)

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Special offer: Bring 3 & go for free! - 33% off for each person you bring with you!

About mobileX

mobileX is a first of its kind one day conference for entrepreneurs, developers, industry professionals, and mobile enthusiasts that identifies opportunities, explores solutions, and provides technical education in the mobile & related industries. The conference is Thursday, March 4th from 8am-5pm. Tracks, speakers, and sessions include:

  • iPhone Development Workshop - from 0 to app in 4 hours! (basic programming experience required, but no iphone experience necessary)
  • Rockstar Speakers - Noah Kagan (original facebook mobile), Bob Babcock (co-host, the appcast)
  • Local Presentations - Willie Neumann (14ninetytwo), Jon Myers (jufti & doo media), Chris Judd (CIDUG). Local minds letting us know what's happening in the Columbus market and what it might mean.
  • Mobile Marketing Track - How can your business benefit from the ubiquity of the cellular phone? Companies are leveraging this in a countless number of ways - find out what's working and what's not.
  • Entrepreneurs & Investors - Where are the opportunities emerging? If you want to start something or invest in something new how do you do it right?
  • mobileX Pitch Contest - Pitch your mobile application idea or startup company in front of a panel of investors and other expert judges and win an ipod touch!
  • Bring 3 & go for free! - 33% off for each person you bring with you!


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