Tuesday, January 26, 2010

DEC Startup Spotlight - RFID Enabled Solutions - note from Partner Kurt Domini

RFID Enabled Solutions (RES) is a global provider of unique business solutions that are focused on optimizing operations, reducing expenses, and improving business processes using radio frequency identification or RFID. RFID is a data collection technology which uses radio signals to transmit information about an item such as a serial number or name. RES provides one of a kind, end-to-end RFID solutions that increase data accuracy and product visibility which increase revenue generation and improve customer satisfaction.

Check out or SlideShare site to learn more and/or download some supplementary material... http://www.slideshare.net/RFID

Some of the main uses of RES applications are: Real-time Supply Chain Visibility, Inventory and Asset Management, Asset Tracking and Loss Prevention, Individualized Loyalty Programs, Employee Identification and Access Control, Dressing Room Marketing, Counterfeit Protection, Quick Check-out and Queue Management, Kitting Operations (multi-packs), Sample Management, Socialized Shopping (Twitter and Facebook), Event Management (access control , crowd management, ticketing)



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