Sunday, January 24, 2010

Entrepreneurs wear many hats as business leaders. We recognize this at the DEC, and in support, offer free events and organized classes in many core areas of business, niche-business and co-working. You can expect to continue to see great things at the DEC in 2010. Here are some highlights from 2009 with upcoming 2010 opportunities featured.

“Sales, I think, is one of the most important concepts for entrepreneurs to understand. Whether you are selling a product or selling yourself, having the confidence to transfer the needed enthusiasm to the customer is crucial,” says Kurt Domini, a tenant and owner of RES Enabled Solutions. The DEC held Successful Selling classes in 2009 and will continue holding these in 2010. Here are some other classes to look forward to in the first quarter:

Facebook Pages for Business – Andrew Spott, VividFront
Using Sales to Take Your Business to The Next Level – Yvette Alexander-Slate, Carried The Bag
Generating Leads Using the Web – Oxiem Marketing
Bank Panel – Expert Financers Answer Your Questions
Small Business Legal Consulting – Worley Law
Accounting Essentials – Rea & Associates
AMA Social Media Round Table
Authentic Communication – MJ Clark Communications
Marketing - SBDC
Sales - SBDC
Search Marketing – Oxiem Marketing
Thriving Under Pressure – MJ Clark Communications

These events will be posted soon on the meetup.

“We try to provide as many opportunities as we can for all business owners seeking professional advice,” says Chaz Freutel of Get-U-Connected. The events at the DEC offer a variety of resources and professional knowledge for all attendees. The core business events are great for all types of entrepreneurs.

Technology and green businesses continues to evolve and grow. The DEC is staying at the forefront by keeping these business owners connected. In 2009, we held an i-phone event focusing on local innovators and many green events. In 2010, we will be holding The Agile Enterprise, a series of “unconference” type meetings aimed to improve understanding of how agile methodologies can be applied to technology projects. With the upcoming opening of the green incubator at The DEC, you can expect to see many green related activities in 2010.

“I work in a growing industry, which is very exciting. But, there aren’t many opportunities to network with other “green” business owners – engaging with other tenants at the DEC has helped me to find my niche network,” says Zach Griffin of Evolved Energy Solutions. Zach will be a new tenant of the “green incubator” – an entire office space dedicated to developing local green businesses.

In addition to these core events, there are many opportunities for networking and co-working with other business leaders from around Columbus. Each event offers an opportunity to meet new people, learn about helpful resources, and create partnerships.

“Jelly” is a type of shorthand term for casual co-working. Independents, home-based business owners, future entrepreneurs and small or start-up owners of Columbus gather in a cooperative environment to work and collaborate. Jelly Columbus began its start in December of 2007 “when an afternoon breakout group wished for a collaborative co-working community. We invite you to join us every second and third Thursday of the month at The DEC from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. for co-working, free lunch from BW3s and a free class or two. Bring your laptop and some business cards!

Whatever your skills or training needs, we hope that you will consider joining us at The DEC in 2010!

Kevin Uland


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