Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Giving Back - Help a Ohio Family

Tom Augustine and the team at Minds On are helping an Ohio family experience Christmas in a BIG way and we invite you to help too: http://givingback.mindson.com

For one family, this Christmas won't be the same. With your help, we can make it better.

During the holidays, you hear plenty of stories that touch your heart. But today, I heard one that did far more than that. It moved me to do something.

It's the story of a local family who has always helped others. Now, a string of tragic events has taken away almost everything they have, including their health. With three teenagers at home, and two parents who can no longer work, the medical bills have overwhelmed them and they could soon lose their home. But they still have joy, in each other. That's what inspired me.

At Minds On, giving back to the community is part of who we are. But this time, we're taking it bigger than ourselves. We're inviting our clients, friends, family — anyone and everyone — to help us give this deserving family a Christmas they'll never forget. To make sure they don't lose their home and their heat stays on, we've already paid their mortgage and utility bills — but the needs are still great and there are so many other ways you can help.

Join us in giving back!

From all of us at Minds On, thank you for whatever help you can provide — and enjoy the holidays.


Tom Augustine
President/Founder Minds On

About The Family:


Imagine suffering not one, but two heart attacks — and dealing with Type 2 diabetes, arthritis and severe gastric ulcers on top of that. With his career as a carpenter now gone, "John" has spent almost as much time in the ER as at home lately, and the medical bills are more than his family can handle.

Dad's wish list »


In addition to caring for her husband and kids, "Marie" recently lost her father and sister back-to-back — on the anniversary of her mother's death. Her health has faltered as she struggled to cope with her grief and she hasn’t been allowed to work since April.

Mom's wish list »

The Kids

13-year-old "Mark," 14-year old "Alyssa" and 17-year-old "David" are all typical teenagers who love to have fun. Though they haven’t been able to go anywhere for a long time, they love trips to the library and local museums. Last year, they went to Fort Rapids indoor water park and had the time of their lives. All three are die-hard OSU fans.

"David," the oldest, was working to help bring in extra money while going to school. Still, he managed to earn fantastic grades, and got moved up from the 11th to the 12th grade. He hopes to go to Columbus State one day to study engineering or software development.

The Kids' wish lists »

*Names have been changed for privacy


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