Monday, October 12, 2009

Znode® Multifront™ E-commerce Platform Makes it Easy to Customize, Deploy and Manage Multiple Online Stores

Multifront Offers Powerful Features Such as On-the-Fly Store Creation, Advanced SEO, Personalization and Simplified Administration

COLUMBUS, Ohio--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Znode® ( today announced the availability of Multifront™, an enterprise e-commerce software solution that provides online retailers and multi-channel businesses a single platform to quickly customize, launch and manage multiple web stores.

“Launching and managing multiple online storefronts is a complex and time-consuming endeavor for both online retailers and multi-channel businesses,” said Znode President and CEO Vish Vishwanathan. “With Multifront, organizations can easily deploy an adaptable online e-commerce solution for multiple brands, affiliates, seasonal and clearance stores, or promotions.”

Znode Multifront uses a non-proprietary, standards-based ASP.NET, C# platform to give developers complete control over website store customization. With Multifront, developers can easily adapt the storefront to meet varying brand and business requirements. The checkout and fulfillment processes can also be customized to match each store’s audience or integration needs.

Different content, such as languages, pricing, promotions, currency, shipping or payment information, can be displayed depending on who is logged in. For example, retail stores can use Multifront to display special pricing for VIP customers. Or business-to-business stores could show wholesale pricing when wholesalers are logged in versus direct customers.

Advanced SEO is another key feature of Multifront. Developers can tap into search engine optimization best practices and rapidly build separate SEO micro-stores to increase organic links on search engines such as Google. In addition, an advanced 301 redirect automatically updates pages when products switch in the catalog.

With the Multifront e-commerce platform, online stores with multiple personalized or customized URLs can be built and deployed on the fly. This enables the online storefront to be completely integrated with advertising campaigns.

Multifront also includes a secure, role-based administration tool that makes it easy for team members to upload and manage products and promotions.

Example roles include enabling the marketing team to manage promotional campaigns and pricing, allowing content editors to manage catalog content and system administration. Executives can view performance reports when then need them. Multifront’s user admin tool also has advanced system functionality to manage PCI compliance.

For more information on Znode Multifront or to request a free trial go to

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