Monday, October 5, 2009

Invitation to participate via social media in the Technology and Green Track at CIO Ohio 2009

The Technology and Green sessions (Track 2) at CIOhio 2009 are intended 
to be highly interactive and are geared towards topics that are of 
immediate interest and relevance to you. The Technology session will 
focus on outlining a framework that can be applied to various mature and 
emerging technologies to determine whether they generate strategic 
business value and quantify the value created. In the second session, 
this framework will be expanded to enable the assessment of "Green" 
technologies in terms of their value to the enterprise and its external 
With seasoned professionals as panelists, we have a lot of good 
information to share at the session. In addition, we are piloting the 
use of social media in order to brief participants and solicit your 
input and comments prior to the session. A Tumblr blog and Twitter Stream have been set 
up for this Track - our panelists will be regularly posting their 
thoughts there. You're invited to comment on existing discussions and 
post new topics of interest at the sites mentioned above. Sharing your 
experiences and thoughts about the merits/demerits of specific 
technology and successes/failures in the strategic use of technology and 
green tech is intended to spur a robust dialog prior to the session. 
Although this is purely optional, your active participation will help us 
focus the sessions on specific topics that are of maximum value to you. 
If you are unable to post comments, you are welcome to follow along as a 
By tracking the comments and analytics for the postings made on these 
sites, we will distill the top areas of interest and the diverse 
viewpoints expressed by you and your peers and provide feedback during 
the session.
Please note that these forums are public forums and not limited to a 
private group. If this is of concern to you, please post anonymously by 
picking usernames that are not identifiable with you or your 
organization. Please note that Twitter is a microblog that only allows a 
140 character posting whereas Tumblr provides an opportunity for longer 
posts and a more robust dialog. We look forward to your participation in 
this dialog. If you have any questions, please contact Rajiv Ramnath at 
614-292-9358 or
Dr. Rajiv Ramnath                   
Director of Practice, C.E.T.I.   
Associate Director, I.S.S.
Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering  Tel: (614)-292-9358
The Ohio State University                  291 Dreese Laboratories
2015 Neil Ave.              Columbus, OH 43210


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