Monday, October 26, 2009

DataCenter.BZ Announces Fiber Agreement With Dublin, Ohio

DataCenter.BZ announces relationship with the City of Dublin to link businesses to DataCenter.BZ via dark fiber

COLUMBUS, Ohio, Oct. 26 /PRNewswire/ -- DataCenter.BZ, a Tier IV, carrier-neutral data center announced today it entered into an agreement with the City of Dublin to bring DubLink's dark fiber to the DataCenter.BZ facility located in Worthington, Ohio.
The agreement with DataCenter.BZ allows interconnectivity into its facility as an enhancement to the DubLink system, owned by the City of Dublin.
DubLink, an existing system of underground fiber-optic conduits encompassing 120 miles, enables interconnectivity between business facilities located on the fiber route. The network saves corporations time and money by providing an existing "telecommunications pathway" within the City's business district on which businesses can lease space rather than construct their own lines. Dublin City Council authorized the sublease of the City's optical fiber, which will increase the amount of available bandwidth in the region that leads back to Dublin.
The benefit businesses can now experience through the relationship between the City of Dublin and DataCenter.BZ is direct fiber connectivity to the data center, enabling companies to cross-connect to the carrier of their choice, or utilize other services at the data center. Such services include collocation, physical security for IT equipment, Tier IV power, 24 x 7 managed services, virtualization, and cloud computing. "Not only is this an economical way for companies to privately connect to IT and telecommunication solutions, it eliminates the restriction of bandwidth that is often created by telecom carriers, or any solution that isn't operated over dark fiber," remarked Gordon Scherer, President at DataCenter.BZ. "Utilizing dark fiber, businesses have complete control over their bandwidth and can increase or decrease their speeds based solely on the equipment they choose to operate."
Connectivity at DataCenter.BZ also provides DubLink with direct fiber ring access to cell phone carriers; cable TV companies; local, national and global telecommunication carriers; as well as IP providers. "This creates a competitive environment where businesses using DubLink benefit the most," said Scherer. "Companies will be able to access the best pricing available from the carrier(s) of their choice, forcing the providers to compete in order to win the business."
Businesses, who choose to access the fiber, will also have access to Internet2, IP TV providers, and connections to other local and global communities.
About DataCenter.BZ: DataCenter.BZ is a Tier IV data center located in Columbus, Ohio. The backbone of the data center is a robust design, engineered specifically to exceed the redundancy, power density, and security standards common in the data center market. DC.BZ's unique approach to collocation has created a niche service that addresses the greatest challenge of many companies: Uninterrupted and unlimited power resources for their IT equipment, as well as unlimited bandwidth capabilities. For more information, please visit
About DubLink
DubLink is an innovative partnership between the City of Dublin and The Fishel Company providing a multi-conduit, underground, fiber-optic system connecting Dublin's business district with competitive communication networks providing voice, video and data services. For more information, please visit


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