Monday, October 26, 2009

Chief Sales Officer Forum Exclusive Invitation

How will executives make the decision for an indirect sales channel? How will they know it's the right decision? How will they ensure success? Please join us and learn from the experts! Forum representatives will discuss a key question companies are asking: Can we increase revenues with an indirect sales channel?

Who Should Attend?

CSO's, VP's of Marketing, Senior Executives interested in indirect sales channels as a source for additional revenue.

Key Issues to be Discussed in the Forum

  • When should I expect results?
  • What’s the impact on my organization?
  • How will I measure success until the revenue arrives?
  • How do I handle this issue with my direct sales reps?
  • Can a direct sales organization “peacefully co-exist” with an indirect sales channel?
  • What are the “keys to success” when implementing an indirect sales channel?
  • How can I successfully capture my indirect channel’s “loyalty” if they are selling multiple products?
  • When does it make sense to retain a direct sales channel only?

Meeting Format

Panel discussion facilitated by Chris Robino, entrepreneur and CEO of Halcyone Group and Maxx Net.

Panel Participants

Scott Slack - VP of Marketing, Cranel
Geoffrey Bibo - VP of Sales, Exacter
Bruce Crocco - VP, Library Services, OCLC
Tom Bishop - VP of Consulting, Oracle Corporation

Invitation only

If you would like to attend this event or if you have any questions about the forum, please send an email to Cheryl McClellan, Chief Sales Officer Forum Facilitator at cmcclellan@salesefficio.comor call 614.226.7608.


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