Monday, September 14, 2009

October 2009 Central Ohio Project Management Institute Programs

Ben's note: Project management is a critical success factor for any organization. Explore the art and science and project management by checking out the events below. BTW - Did you know that the Central Ohio Project Management Institute Chapter is one of the largest in the nation?

October 2009 Central Ohio PMI Programs Theme: Advice for Successful Projects

Successful projects don’t just happen — they are made to happen. Leading-edge best practices can make all the difference between leading consistently successful projects and playing the victim with troubled projects. By gaining insights and concrete guidance on how to demonstrate professionally mature behavior, Project Managers can be enabled to perform at their best, benefiting their projects, organizations, and careers. Success is born of behaviors and choices that lead to exceptional performance. Ensuring your PM toolbox contains this knowledge is the driving reason for October’s theme: Advice for Successful Projects. Each of October’s events will address a different aspect of the theme. The October 8 Chapter Evening Meeting topic will be presented by Brian Watson. The March 14 Chapter Breakfast Meeting topic will be presented by the PMICOC Board. The October 22 and 23 Professional Development Workshop Series topics will be presented by Neal Whitten.

Presenters: Brian Watson, Neal Whitten
10/08/09: Managing Projects Using Agile Principles
10/14/09: PMICOC Strategic Plan PMI Alignment - Annual Chapter Meeting / Elections
10/22/09: No Nonsense Advice for Successful Projects
10/23/09: Let's Talk! Leadership, Accountability and Professional Maturity


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