Friday, August 14, 2009

Syrus Releases Next Generation Tools

June, 2009 - Syrus Restaurant Information Services (Syrus) has successfully launched the Next Generation version of their back-office and above-store reporting solution geared specifically for the restaurant industry. Syrus has long been the leader in executing the most innovative business model in the industry, providing customers with both the leading-edge, user-friendly technology, and a dedicated service seven days a week to oversee data flow, cleanse information, and ensure that customers have quick, convenient, and real-time access to quality information. Today, with Syrus Next Generation, the best in back-office solutions has just gotten better - from better tools to reduce food cost and target waste with Food Management 3.0, to advanced report writing tools for nearly-unlimited custom reporting capabilities with Analytics 2.0.
Ray Minton, an 8-year Syrus customer and Wendy’s franchise owner, counts on Syrus Analytics 2.0 to get a real-time pulse on what is selling, what is popular, and where he needs to focus his marketing efforts. He created customized product mix reporting to focus only on boneless chicken wings and sauces, while comparing sales to other key performance metrics such as its impact on theoretical food cost. When the product hit, he immediately knew the current and projected impact it would have on his profitability. Ray also uses Analytics 2.0 to track breakfast sales. “I see a special report each day, tracking my percentage of breakfast sales against my total sales. I’m able to monitor each day and plan my marketing efforts accordingly, to increase coupons or special promotions, if needed.” Ray adds, “Syrus has had a direct impact on the success of our breakfast sales. Because I’m able to monitor so closely, we had the fourth highest average breakfast sales in the country. I wouldn’t do breakfast without Syrus’ customized reporting.”
The Syrus Food Management 3.0 application is unparalleled in the industry. It provides a convenient, yet powerful interface that allows Managers to record inventory, track usage and waste daily, place orders based on projected needs, and research food cost and opportunity areas all in one user-friendly application. Automation of most major tasks further speeds up the process and significantly reduces the amount of time Managers must spend on the computer. And since it’s built as a web-based application, District Managers, Owners, and other multi-unit associates can monitor usage and review, coach and counsel Managers all from the convenience of a home or office. Syrus customers report that this greatly improves their ability to impact performance at multiple locations without the need to be at a store in order to review usage of the back-office tools. Victor Hairston, General Manager and long-time Syrus customer, appreciates the improved inventory application. “ It’s so easy to track and account for food on a daily basis. Less effort means more productivity and this offers that to the extreme. I believe that with this system, we (GM's) have an advantage over our competitors as far as our ability to control food cost.” Gina Maynard, District Manager, absolutely appreciates the ease of use. “It takes the guess-work out of managing my food cost. It’s so easy to find counting errors. I use the Ingredient Summary report that takes me directly to where I need to go to investigate any ingredient variance. And now I can even do it for all my stores without driving to each one.” For more information about Syrus Next Generation, visit syrus or call 1-8... and choose option 3.
About Syrus
Syrus is one of the leading providers of back-office and above-store reporting tools and services in the restaurant industry. Syrus is different from other systems because its unique business model provides both the software as well as day-to-day technical and administrative oversight that users can rely on to receive complete and accurate information every day. Syrus is the only service to assign a dedicated Account Representative to each client. The representative manages all data issues including retrieving, monitoring, and cleansing the data collected from POS systems, service timers, food distributors, and other data storage devices. This information is complemented by a full line of back-office tools that improve the productivity level at the store, and accurately forecast product and labor needs each half hour. These integrated tools and services provide a higher level of accuracy and free up owners and operators to use the information to cut costs and increase profits.


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