Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Columbus Green Life ( ) is looking for some help.

First, a few words about our organization. We are a grass roots group much like Cbus Tech Life in that we aren't incorporated. We are trying to bring people and organizations together online and offline to help push sustainability and the "green" lifestyle to the masses. We believe that by centrally locating access to everything "green" going on in Columbus, we can help to make a real impact.

Our mission statement follows:
Our mission is to promote sustainability through collaboration, innovation and education to improve our environment, community and economy

We are currently expanding our partnerships with other organizations around town. We will be serving as a hub for their information/resources, events and discussion. In our capacity to serve them, we are going to need some help on web site additions, updates and maintenance.

We are looking for people to get involved at all levels. Be it a few hours once in a while, or 10 hours every week, we will greatly appreciate your help.
The following areas are where we need help:

- Website Updates and Maintenance. Our website is Drupal based and most of our pages are just simple HTML. You would be helping to create and update the resource pages, organizations list, landing pages, etc.

- Content Creation/Management.
We have access to many great resources and newsletters around town. We'd like you to scan through it all and post/re-post the content to our blog, twitter feed (@CbusGreenLife) and other places too.

- Calendar Management. We are currently using a shared Google calendar as our central events list. We would like some help keeping in correspondence with partner organizations around town to make sure we keep our calendar updated and full of the best events.

- Drupal Module Creation/Modification. We have thought about some custom features we'd like to have on the site. Are you a Drupal Ninja with free time? We'd love to talk.

Please contact us with any questions or to move forward if you are interested in helping.


Andrew Spott


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