Sunday, August 9, 2009

Pan Ohio Hope Ride - thanks - videos -328 miles - 4 days - 1 goal

About a week ago my wife Sandy and I rode in the Pan Ohio Hope Lodge 2009 Ride. The Hope Lodges are places where cancer patients and their families can stay during their treatment. As a result of our sponsors support Sandy and I raised $5500 and as a 200+ group of riders we raised over $250,000 for this cause. At then end of this email is a list of our sponsors. Thank you all.

I also wanted to share with everyone a few videos from the ride. They're worth viewing - trust me ;-)

P.S. Here is a link to the blog of Paul Joncich a news anchor from Cleveland that I rode with - The amazing story is that Paul had never ridden more that 5 miles, in one shot, prior to this ride.

#1 This is a highlight video of the ride

Pan Ohio 2009 from Ben Blanquera on Vimeo.

#2 In this video a couple talks about the impact the Hope Lodge had on their life as they struggled fighting their son's cancer

Pan Ohio Hope Ride - The difference we're making from Ben Blanquera on Vimeo.

#3 - In this video Kathleen Bond - one of the event organizers - talks to the riders about "birthdays"

Pan Ohio Hope Ride 2009 - Kathleen Bond speaking from Ben Blanquera on Vimeo.

Thanks again to our sponsors -

Ben and Sandy

Kelly Allan Associates rajagopal jeyasekar
Amelia Blanquera
John Kessler
Kristen Blum
jason krac
Doug Bond
Chasity Kuttrus
Connie Chwan
Ken Lazar
Rhonda DeMuth
Karen Lindsey
Susan Dolan
Karen Lowery
Rye Dorazio
Robert Mahaffey
David DuBose
Maureen Metcalf
Sanjay Dudaney
Doug Morgan
Kevin Dwinnell
Mary Morgan
Tron Emptage
Ronald Morgan
Kevin Gadd
Kay Nelson
Glen Gardner
David Platt
Mark Gilicinski
Mark Pukita
Joe Gottron
Eric Reo
Andrew Graf
Surya Rudraraju
Steve Gruetter
Eric Schmidt
Sally Haimbaugh
Hugh Smith
Jim Hendrickson
Julie Spicer
Mechele Herres
Ray Taylor
Ardel Jala
Sarma Tekumalla
Kevin Welker
Larry Tracewell
Gregory Yoakam
Scott Vandergriff

Shawn Vandervort



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