Thursday, July 16, 2009

Zyvex / PolyOne Win Important Grant Award

Zyvex / PolyOne Win Important Grant Award

Zyvex Performance Materials (ZPM) of Columbus continues its winning ways by receiving a nod from the Ohio Department of Development’s Third Frontier Commission (ODOD TFC) that they are going to share a $4.9MM development grant with PolyOne Corporation of Cleveland and include Renegade Materials Corp., Hexion Specialty Chemicals, APV Engineered Coatings, the University of Dayton Research institute (UDRI), the University of Akron (UA), and Shawnee State University (Shawnee) as principal collaborators.

The objective of this Research Commercialization Program (RCP) grant is to commercialize nanomaterial composites for marine, aerospace, defense, automotive, and electronics. Additional collaborators will include PolymerOhio, the Center for Multifunctional Polymer Nanomaterials and Devices (CMPND), the University of Akron, Lockheed Martin Corporation, Owens Corning, the National Composites Center, and Hexcel Corp.

The grant will fund further development and production of carbon nanotubes (CNT) composites. Several months ago, Zyvex and PolyOne initiated a joint development effort and agreed to produce CNT-filled thermoplastics for structural and electrically conductive applications. In the process of applying for this Ohio Third Frontier funding, Zyvex and PolyOne built a collaborative effort and reinforced a supply chain within Ohio that will strengthen Ohio’s already prominent role, nationally, in polymer development and manufacturing and potentially bring jobs and more business to the State.

CMPND supported the proposal effort by helping to build a collaborative team and develop technical strategies for the team. Program deliverables are expected to be a mix of technology and products for the markets including defense, marine, electronics, and wind energy and jobs for Ohio throughout the supply chain.

PolyOne has built its reputation on the commercialization of CNT thermoplastics for electronics, automotive, and industrial applications. PolyOne will be the primary channel to market and will offer the products as a “powered by Zyvex" solution.

Among the collaborative team members, Zyvex along with its partner Renegade has already commercialized CNT-enhanced carbon/glass fiber composites (Arovex) for marine, aerospace, automotive, and defense. These products will be sold by Zyvex and will support further manufacturing and development of CNT composites.

Hexion will work with Zyvex to create CNT-enhanced resins for composites and for applications for various manufacturing process and applications such as wind energy and aerospace. Both Hexion and Zyvex plan to be channels to market depending on the application and leverage each organization will bring.

UDRI will work with Zyvex for composite testing, application development, and technology development. UA will provide expertise in computer modeling of CNTs and host-matrix interfaces.
Shawnee State University specializes in workforce development and training for skills required to work with nanotube-enhanced composites, and will help develop training programs that will ultimate strengthen the workforce needed to enhance statewide manufacturing and distribution. APV will be able to provide the mixing technology for CNT-enhanced materials.

CMPND will work with the entire team to assist with project management, technology development, and IP management. PolymerOhio will work with ZPM on networking and commercialization

Lance Criscuolo, Zyvex president said, "This grant underscores our commitment to the technology and our certainty that Zyvex Performance Materials and PolyOne have the expertise needed to drive thermoplastic nanocomposites to the next level of performance.” Dr. Cecil Chappelow, vice president, innovation, sustainability and chief innovation officer at PolyOne said that his company is thrilled by this award and is looking forward to the significant portfolio of next-generation thermoplastic, CNT-based materials that will likely be developed as a result of this Third Frontier funding.

Together, the Zyvex and PolyOne will focus their research and development efforts on CNT-based thermoplastic materials that will have structural and electrically conductive applications.

According to Criscuolo, “With the RCP award, we expect to accelerate product development and commercialization of our technology along with that of our collaborators. We expect to also accelerate our hiring with the RCP funds.”


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