Thursday, June 18, 2009

(social) startUP 17.june.2009 Lower Lights Ministries | columbus (social) entrepreneurs

columbus (social) entrepreneurs goal with (social) startUP is to catalyze social change through meaningful entrepreneurship by harnessing the energy of the entrepreneurial startup community and the business acumen of venture capitalists. It's going to be the "Startup Weekend of Social Entrepreneurship" and it started here in Columbus, Ohio!

The goal of this first (social) startUP on 17.june.2009 was to help Lower Lights Ministries become more sustainable and break their dependencies on donor charity alone. The event was a success - we are collecting feedback to continually improve (social) startUP to be more effective and meaningful.

The 3 final innovations were:
  • Urban Garden
  • Recycling/Sorting Facility
  • Maintenance/Repair Business
all based in the struggling Columbus neighborhood of Franklinton.

action! plans were formulated [see worksheet] + columbus (social) entrepreneurs will facilitate accountable involvement with Lower Lights Ministries for entrepreneurs, professionals, and creative minds who choose to move forward with these meaningful (social) entrepreneurial ventures.

(social) startUP 17.june.2009 Lower Lights Ministries

Thanks to NCT Ventures for the inspiration on the worksheets!

Original Event Details

Special thanks to our sponsors Sandbox Columbus (for providing the space) and Barrio Tapas (for providing the delicious food).
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Luke Barbara
Joe DeLoss

columbus (social) entrepreneurs facilitates accountable community engagement + investment. in seth godin speak, we're mobilizing a tribe. our tribe is of passionate, ambitious, and accountable folks looking to tackle social issues through meaningful entrepreneurship.

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